How to Create a Meal Plan
   - The green spots mark the location where to tap.
   - This tutorial shows screenshots of the iPhone version of the app. The iPad version works the same way.

  1. Tap the day where you would like the meals to initially show up (you will get a better understanding of this in step 6).
  1. Meals are listed by categories. Tap the category of the meal you would like to add. If you want to see all available meals, tap the All Recipes category.
  1. Check the meals you'd like to add to your meal plan. You may check as many as you want. In this step, we are checking 3 items.
  1. Tap the back button to go back. On the Add Meals screen, the numbers on the right of each category indicate the number of items you have selected for that category. For example, 3/20 means you have selected 3 items out of 20 in that category.
  1. When you're finished selecting your meals, tap Done.
  1. The meals will show up in the day you tapped in step 1. At this point, you'll need to move each meal to the day where it belongs by dragging it. You may also tap the meal type button to select the meal type.
  1. When you're finished arranging your meals, tap Done.
  1. Now, you have created your meal plan.